Growth & Development of a Youngster

Are you looking to provide support to your youngster in their growth and development? Or are you looking to build a healthy growing and development company environment? Here is a blog looking into this topic. We have divided the growth and development of a youngster into 5 stages: Stage 1: 0-2 years of age Stage … Read more

Food and Nutrition for Toddlers and Young Children

The world faces a growing epidemic of obesity, with potentially devastating effects on children’s health and development as well as public health. According to the World Health Organization, childhood obesity has more than doubled since 1980, affecting over 42 million children under the age of five. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2025, obesity … Read more

Older Preschoolers (45-60+ months):

Older Preschoolers (45-60+ months) Favors Parents more than Peers. Older preschooler’s time is spent with parents doing chores, playing games and acting as companions. The older preschoolers spend less time on play activities that are child initiated. They have more one on one contact with adults. Favorites: imitative-play group preferred by children 45-60 months old. … Read more

What are the basics of a healthy youngster?

Healthy children and adolescents should grow and develop normally in the sense that there is no significant deviation from expected norms in terms of height, weight, or rate of physical, social, emotional, and mental development. Healthy children should be able to meet developmental milestones on time with little-to-no difficulty. Generally speaking healthy children are active, … Read more

Older Toddlers definition

Older Toddlers (OTs) is the name given to toddlers 3 years 11 months and older. Older Toddler (18-36 months): An older toddler (18-36 months) is a stage of child development between the ages of 18 and 36 months. During this time, children can build relationships with other people including their parents, siblings, and other family … Read more