Development in the Mind in Childhood

Theories have been developed that explain when, why and how children acquire knowledge. The following are examples of some major theories from the study of cognitive development in childhood: Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Jean Piaget’s theory proposes that children actively construct their understanding about the world around them by combining new information with … Read more

Young toddler 33-48 months

The preschooler is emerging from the toddler stage, but they are still very much in development. While they can dress themselves and brush their teeth (sometimes), there is still a lot of learning going on. They are getting better at using language to communicate with others, learning about numbers, learning how to play with other … Read more

Screening for Developmental Issues

Healthcare providers can take charge of ensuring that kids with developmental delays get the specialized help they need as soon as possible. Healthcare professionals should closely observe children’s development when they are between 3 to 6 years old. For the most part, they should use observation in play to diagnose kids with developmental delays. During … Read more

Cognitive development

Cognitive development in infancy occurs during the first two years of life. Baby or Infant? In most cases, a baby is under the age of one-year-old while an infant is always under the age of one year when it’s born. In some use cases, however, a baby can have just been born and weigh less … Read more

Toddlers and young children

1. Young children (2-3) are not as self-centered as toddlers, who see themselves as the center of the universe and demand to be waited on. They still want you to play with them without interruptions. 2. Young children (4-5) can tell stories about their day. They can also be left alone for short periods (a … Read more