Developmental disabilities & Psychological Development

Types of developmental disabilities There are many types of developmental disabilities (DD) and children can be affected in different ways. The term developmental disability (DD) is a general term that is used to describe many different conditions. These conditions can cause delays in physical and mental development. They can also cause disabilities in many areas … Read more

Baby’s proper nutrition

Babies are a beautiful gift to the world and knowing how to nourish them to a healthy life is an important skill for any parent. Babies are born with a very basic set of tools to deal with the world around them and it is up to you to add to these tools with nutrients … Read more

Development of infants and babies

1. The development of infants and babies. Infants and babies are growing at an incredible rate. Their progress is easily measured in terms of height, weight and length. These are the things that are measured at birth and then every few days afterwards. But their progress is measured in many other ways as well. Their … Read more


Early childhood development (ECD) is the process of developing a child from infancy to adulthood. It is a continuous process with a series of identifiable stages, each of which builds on previously acquired skills. Early childhood development is a focus of public policy in most nations. Early childhood development programs and policies are educational, social … Read more

Children Development Milestone

In this blog the child development milestones are divided into main 5 categories. The first year of a child’s life When a child turns 2 When a child turns 3 When a child turns 4 When a child turns 5 1. The main developmental milestones for the first year of a child’s life Child development … Read more