Healthy habits of exercise and sleep

Following are some of the things you, as a parent, can do to help your toddler or child develop healthy habits of exercise and sleep.

1. Exercise with your child: If possible, try to get your child excited about starting some kind of yoga or fitness program, but be careful not to force them into something that they’re against. Look for age appropriate exercise options (for example, a toddler may be able to dance and do yoga with you, while older children may want to try running or swimming) and encourage them that fitness is fun!

2. Make sure your child eats right: Find out what kind of foods and portions will work best for ensuring your child gets the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. This way you can help guide them as they expand their diet throughout childhood.

3. Monitor how much television or computer usage is too much: Children often spend too much time on screens such as TVs, laptops, cell phones, iPads etc., so it’s important to monitor exactly how much time is appropriate for each age group. Place limits on the amount of screen-based entertainment the kids are allowed during the week and on weekends so they don’t spend too much time sitting down.

4. Encourage your child to get a good night’s sleep: This is probably the most important thing of all, especially for young children! A lack of sleep can cause moodiness among kids, which may lead to more tantrums and other behavioral problems. A consistent bedtime routine with enough hours of shut-eye will go a long way in helping your child stay happy and healthy throughout their childhood.

There you have it! Follow these tips in your home and your children are sure to develop a strong sense of self-discipline in regards to exercise and their own personal wellness.

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