Baby, Newborn, Infant, and Toddler Definitions

Newborn Definition:

A newborn is an infant who has just been born. Newborns are especially delicate and need plenty of care for their first year of life. The word “newborn” may also be used to refer to the period shortly after childbirth since infants are unusually vulnerable immediately after birth.

Baby Definition:

The baby is a young infant that has just been born and who weighs less than about twenty pounds. An example of a baby is a newborn.

In common terms, a baby is usually considered to be an infant who is less than one year old. In biological terms, however, a baby refers to a human that has just been born and weighs less than about twenty pounds. A young infant that has just been born and weighs less than about twenty pounds is known as a newborn. An example of a baby would be an infant under the age of one.

Infant Definition:

An infant is a person in the first stage after birth or from birth until it becomes fully developed. For example, humans are infants during their first year of life. Infants may also refer to premature babies that have yet to develop fully outside the womb.

An infant is a human in the first year of life after being born. A newborn would be considered an infant for the first twelve months of their life. There are also premature babies who have yet to fully develop outside the womb and they too are referred to as infants.

Toddler Definition:

Toddler age can be anywhere from one year old until two years old.

The term toddler typically refers to the period where children are becoming mobile, which begins at about twelve months of age and ends around the time they are fully walking (around thirty months of age). During this stage , children learn how to stand up on their own before taking steps, crawl around on the floor, play with toys by pushing them along, pick up objects between thumb and forefinger push buttons on things like televisions or stoves so that something happens or pull themselves up onto furniture so they can reach objects placed there.

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