‘You’ve got to enjoy it’: Hamilton and Verstappen shrug off F1 pressure talk

‘You’ve got to enjoy it’: Hamilton and Verstappen shrug off F1 pressure talk

Lewis Hamilton and his Formula One title rival Max Verstappen have requested they are not feeling any strain as their tight world drivers’ title fight increment to a stressed conflict.

Talking as they prepared during the flow week’s end Turkish Grand Prix, the drivers dismissed thoughts they were feeling the power of a challenge that has ebbed and spilled across 15 changes and stays a neck and neck finish.

Hamilton is 36 and in his fifteenth season in F1, and the Mercedes driver said his experience helped him with remaining focused. “It’s the game plan what will be will be, there’s not all that much yet to set up the best way you can,” he said.

“What’s coming up is coming up. I basically don’t worry about those things. I have been extraordinarily fortunate previously, I have had lots of good and terrible occasions anyway partied hard, a lot of advancement. I basically don’t worry about ‘envision a situation wherein?’ That’s up ahead, I essentially endeavor to prepare for the present.

“Ultimately you should see the value in it. What a staggering season it has been as of recently, it has been super-invigorating for fans. We finally see two gatherings neck and neck, which is staggering.”

Hamilton drives Verstappen by two after the Dutch driver made an incredible recovery for Red Bull at the last round in Russia, finishing second in the wake of starting at the back of the system considering a discipline for fitting another engine.

Verstappen is 24 and in his first title fight anyway requested he was similarly unperturbed by the closest contention between bunches F1 has seen starting around 2014. “Whether or not we finish second we have still had an uncommon season and it will not totally transform me,” he said. “I like what we are doing as such for me there isn’t a great deal to worry about.”

With seven races remaining Mercedes are pondering presenting one more power unit for Hamilton in Turkey, which would be his fourth, so comparably similarly as with Verstappen at Sochi he would start from the back of the grid.

The head, Toto Wolff, certified Mercedes were looking at their decisions. On the off chance that they are to take the discipline, picking where they can restrict the potential centers lost will be fundamental. “It’s conceivable,” he said. “When and how isn’t yet settled. Most huge is that you don’t DNF because of a steadfastness issue.”

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